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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Lydia: A Heart Opened by Jesus

Shane Gould

Acts 16:1-15

This week we begin a new message series looking at various lives in the New Testament changed by a single common factor: an encounter with Jesus. Some were seeking Jesus, others were found by him. Some met Jesus face-to-face, some were told about him by others. We begin with a woman named Lydia from the story of Acts 16. While we are not told a lot about Lydia, there is a lot we can learn from her life. Her encounter with Jesus did not appear overly dramatic but nonetheless miraculous in the sense that Acts tells us that in hearing about Jesus “the Lord opened her heart”. Lydia’s open heart led to her life being open to Jesus, and much more. This week we look at four traits of a heart being opened by God.

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