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Investigating Jesus

The Gospel of Luke

Luke’s Gospel is about giving us certainty about Jesus. It was written to a man named Theolophilus, (literally meaning ‘lover of God’), and all of us as would be lovers of God. Luke tells us that his Gospel is a careful investigation into the events and eye witness accounts of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Luke is the New Testament's longest gospel and will take the average reader about 2 hours to finish -- time well spent!

Who was Luke? The apostle Paul affectionately calls him, “Our dear friend Luke, the doctor”(Col. 4:14). Paul also tells us that Luke wasn’t Jewish, meaning 'he didn’t grow up in church.' Through the meticulous lens of a doctor (someone educated) and the interest of a new believer (someone genuinely seeking), Luke’s Gospel and report back to Theolophilus (someone who generously funded the investigation) tells us about the certainty of what he found about Jesus…


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