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Sunday, October 8, 2023

I am the Light of the World

Lorna Dueck

John 1:1- 5, John 8: 12-19 cf. Psalm 119:105, Exodus 3:13, 14

This is the second week of our series called “I Am” where we will be exploring the 7 “I Am” statements of Jesus throughout the gospel of John. Festivals in the bible were an invitation to pause and reflect on the presence and provision of God for his people.
It was during the Jewish Festival of Tabernacles where Jesus declared another “I Am” statement: “I am the Light of the World”. This Festival would have pointed back to how God saved his people from Egyptian slavery by speaking salvation through the light of a fiery bush to Moses. Moses received God’s assignment and God’s name as the “I AM”. Understanding God as both “I AM” and light were key spiritual themes for ancient Jews. Historians of Temple archeology tell us four 75 foot torches were illuminated during the Festival of Tabernacles, making a strong reminder that “I AM” was the light in the desert darkness.

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