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LIVE at 10am

Sunday, October 1, 2023

I am the Bread of Life

Dan Martin

John 6:22–40 cf. John 8:54–59, Exodus 16

This is our first week of our series called “I Am” where we will be exploring the 7 “I Am” statements of Jesus throughout the gospel of John. The gospel of John is written as an answer to the question “who is Jesus?” John opens introducing Jesus as the Word of God, sent from heaven to earth, to reconcile people back to the Father. John continues to highlight the person and purpose of Jesus by answering the question of his identity in two key ways; by declaring and demonstrating who Jesus is. He demonstrates who Jesus is by highlighting 7 miracles. He declares who Jesus is through the 7 “I am” statements. As we study these statements they not only teach us about Jesus’ true identity, but describe the type of relationship he desires to have with us. Each statement is an invitation to not simply know who Jesus is but to receive the purposes he has for our lives.

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Job: Unfit to Pray

Wayne Baxter

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Peter's Denial

Pete Leeder

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It's all about Grace

Jon Miller

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