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Sunday, January 22, 2023

God Calls

Shane Gould

Exodus 3:11-4:17

In the opening chapters of the story of Exodus, we have so far seen that God is a God who sees, that God sees us and remembers us — even if things look to the contrary. Last week, we saw that when God draws us, he first reveals himself, as God did for Moses at the burning bush. This week, we see that God also calls us, and that God’s calling upon our lives is not dependent upon who we are but who God is, as He calls each of us to serve Him as His witness in the world.
Only how does Moses respond to God’s call? When God calls him to go back to Egypt to bring the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob up out of Egypt, how does Moses reply? With the same type of response we often give God when we consider His call upon our lives to go and reach the lost. Our text says Moses answers God back with 5 questions that question God. This week we examine each question, both as a window into our own doubts and fears, but also to see how God answers and what God’s answers reveal about Him and His promises. Moses’ questions remind us that the true hero of this story is not Moses but God Himself. God’s call isn’t dependent upon us but Him.

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