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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Where is Jesus in Grief?

Adam Crichton

Matthew 5:4

We’ve just finished the Christmas season, which promises us hope, peace, joy and love. Sometimes, though, after the party is over we feel a kind of crash, and the reality of January and, in some cases, the unexpected struggle of the Christmas season is a reminder that some things haven’t changed. One of those things can be the journey that is grief. Let’s start with some myths: Myth # 1 - Grief and Mourning are the same experience. Myth # 2 There is a predictable and orderly stage like progression to grief. Myth # 3 It is best to move away from your grief instead of towards it. Myth # 4 Tears expressing grief are a sign of weakness. Myth # 5 The goal is to get over your grief. Myth # 6 Faith makes us exempt from our feelings.

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