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Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Key to Life-Change

Shane Gould

Mark 7:24-30

In most Bibles, the title given to our text for this week is ‘Jesus Honours a Syrophoenician Woman’s Faith.’ That is what this story teaches us: what Jesus honours is FAITH. But what kind of faith? This life-changing story of Jesus takes effort on our part to get to the heart of because embedded in Jesus’ words is a potentially disturbing response given in parable, an allusion to Jesus’ call first to Jews, and an affirmation that a demonic spirit had possessed a child. But underneath all of these challenging things, what the gospel writer Mark wants us to see most is that what Jesus honours and responds to is simply faith. We don’t find the word ‘faith’ in the passage, but that is what we see in the actions and words of the woman as she pursues, engages, and trusts Jesus with the need she brings him. How about you? Are you exercising faith in Jesus for your need right now?

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