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Sunday, May 5, 2024

The Hunt for Red October

Sunder Krishnan

John 15:5–16

This is the fifth week in our series called “Unfit.” In this series, we are looking at how God continues to invite unlikely, undeserving, and UNFIT people to play a part in what He is doing in this world. As you trace God’s story throughout the Scriptures, you meet a long list of broken and imperfect people whom God includes in His perfect plan. God could have told His story in any way but chose broken people who he redeemed to share His message of redemption to the world. This week we are going to learn about the importance of participating in God’s mission through the practice of prayer. God has seen fit to tie the success of every dimension of His mission on earth to the prayers of ordinary Christ-followers. This means that every layperson is indispensable in the kingdom.

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Job: Unfit to Pray

Wayne Baxter

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Peter's Denial

Pete Leeder

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It's all about Grace

Jon Miller

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