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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Teach Me to Pray

Pastor Dan Martin

Matthew 6:5-14

This is the first week of our new Plugged into Prayer series. Over the next four weeks we will learn how God wants to shape our lives around the practice of prayer. Throughout this series we will look at various prayers of Jesus and the apostle Paul in the New Testament.
This week like the disciples in Matthew 6, we are going to sit with Jesus and learn from him how to pray. Although called the “Lord’s Prayer” it was actually the “disciples prayer” which became a model of prayer and life for followers of Jesus. As we examine this prayer we are going to learn that the kind of prayer that Jesus taught is one that begins not with our needs and wants but with God’s. Jesus’ model for prayer begins with God; a focus on God, the worship of God, and invites us to participate with the kingdom of God as he works out his will in this world and in our lives.

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Pastor Shane Gould

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Sunder Krishnan

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Darin Martin

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