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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Peter's Denial

Pete Leeder

Luke 22:54-62

This is the seventh week in our series called “Unfit.” In this series, we are looking at how God continues to invite unlikely, undeserving, and UNFIT people to play a part in what He is doing in this world. As you trace
God’s story throughout the Scriptures, you meet a long list of broken and imperfect people whom God includes in His perfect plan. This week we look at Peter’s denial of Jesus. We all have blown an opportunity to share our faith with someone. Getting past timidity and sense of failure is challenging. All of us have gifting, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Some are naturally outgoing, others shy. Some have the spiritual gift of evangelism, but many don’t. As we examine Peter’s life we learn that the Holy Spirit can transform our fears into a strong faith that enables us to share Jesus with others. Although we may not publicly deny Christ as Peter did, when we learn to live by the Spirit as Peter does, we find a courage and boldness to share Jesus with others in a way that is beyond us because it comes from God himself.

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