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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Master of Life and Death

Dan Martin

John 11:17–44

Have you ever received that dreaded phone call that someone you love is very sick or has had a bad accident? When we receive news like this our thoughts are consumed with wanting to help, wanting to be there for the one we love. This week we are examining the story where Jesus received news that his close friend Lazarus, “the one he loved”, was deathly sick. Instead of rushing to his friend’s aid, Jesus waits...2 more days. Although his followers did not understand his delay, Jesus reveals his purpose in the waiting. The waiting was not a reflection of a lack of love Jesus has for others, but the sickness became an opportunity for God’s glory to be displayed not only in Lazarus’ life but also Jesus’ life. As we examine the story we will see that in order for Jesus to bring life to his friend, the one he loves, he himself must face death head on showing that he alone is the master of life and death. After Jesus raises Lazarus he has his grave clothes removed so he can dress like the living. Jesus not only calls us from death to life but to live like the living. We no longer need to wear the grave clothes of our past because Jesus clothes us in his righteousness.

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