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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Change Your Mind

Dan Martin

John 4:1-42, Romans 12:1-2

This week we are continuing our Pursuing Jesus series looking at our vision and values as a church. Last week we looked at the core value of being Spirit-led and this week we are focusing on Transformation. This core value is that we would experience transformation through Jesus on every level of our lives from the way we think (head), feel (heart) and live out our faith (hands). Evidence of a transformed life is usually seen through changed behaviours (how people live) but this change often begins first in the mind as God transforms our thoughts and renews our minds as we encounter his truth.
This week we are going to examine a story of a woman who experienced transformation when she met Jesus. The truth of Jesus changes her mind, her heart, and ultimately her life. Paul in Romans 12 also invites us to experience a transformed life by conforming our thoughts, not to the pattern of the world, but to the ways of Jesus through the “renewing of our minds”.

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