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June 2024

Overcoming the Lies of the Heart

June 9 - June 30

Welcome to our series called “Overcome the Lies of the Heart.” Like a marathon runner who has to overcome the inner battle that tells them they cannot continue running, we too need to overcome lies of the heart that tell us we can’t follow Jesus. Some of the lies tell us we have to earn God’s love, or that our faith needs to look a certain way to be good enough, or that salvation is only a personal matter that only requires an intellectual belief in the right facts. These lies and others battle for our hearts and keep us from pursuing the truth of the Jesus. Which lies have gripped your heart and how can you, through the Holy Spirit, identity these lies and replace them with God’s truth.

Overcoming Works

Week 1

Jun 9, 2024

Overcoming Feelings

Week 2

Jun 16, 2024

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