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Fall Sermon Series

Making Faith + Work: The Book of James

Sept. 12 - Nov. 28, 2021

We are beginning the fall by turning to the Book of James, what some call the ‘Proverbs of the New Testament,’ because it is filled with practical wisdom for godly living. James was the half-brother of Jesus, not to be confused with the other James’ who were disciples. At first a skeptic, James encountered the resurrected Jesus and went on to be a pillar of the church in Jerusalem (Acts 15). Originally speaking to Jewish believers, James wrote to share the importance of putting faith to work in action, providing insight for true godly living. He begins by speaking about God’s overall goal for your life, which is to make you a mature and a holy reflection of him through the testing of your faith, a goal of God’s that should give us joy.

Happy vs. Holy

Week 1

Sept 12, 2021

Temptation: Swim Away!

Week 2

Sept 19, 2021

True Religion

Week 3

Sept 26, 2021

Gazing Upon Jesus: Global Ministry Update

Global Update

Oct 3, 2021

Don't See With Your Eyes

Week 4

Oct 10, 2021

Make Your Faith Alive

Week 5

Oct 17, 2021

Filter What You Say

Week 6

Oct 24, 2021

A Beautiful Life

Week 7

Oct 31, 2021

A Peaceful Life

Week 8

Nov 7, 2021

Facing the Future

Week 9

Nov 14, 2021

Live Generously

Week 10

Nov 21, 2021

Experience the Power of Prayer

Week 11

Nov 28, 2021

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