Women's Ministry

Jesus was the first to elevate and value women in a culture that considered them little more than property. At Wellspring, we seek to see women grow in their intimacy with Jesus and be equipped to have kingdom impact on their family, in our community, and throughout the world.



A safe place for moms, caregivers of little ones, or anyone who appreciates a little chaos and some great connecting time. 

Life & Littles is a group of mothers with young children who would like to invite you and your children to join them in some fellowship! It is offsite, being hosted by Lauren Hubley and Rachel Nasser. For more information contact Rachel Nasser (905-484-3070) or the Church Office

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3t kafe

Once every two months on a Monday, women, including mothers and daughters, come together for an evening of hearing other women give testimony to the things God is doing in their lives. It's also a night to have some fun around a seasonal activity and chance to enjoy each other's company. 3t Kafé is about inspiration and connection and is open to women of all ages. Contact Pat Watson for more information.