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Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Lord is My Song

Shane Gould

Exodus 15

This is our last week for this series on God’s plan of deliverance for the Israelites, bringing us to chapter 15, to the song of Moses and Miriam.
Last week, we saw that through the parting of the Red Sea and the display of God’s power over the Egyptians, God was showing his glory, that the Israelites — and us with them — might be eternally ‘wowed’ by God’s greatness, that we might never lose sight of the one who calls us.
As this part of the story comes to a close, we see Moses, and then Miriam, Moses’ sister, break into song. It’s a reminder of the message God was giving throughout the plagues, that God was delivering his people for the purpose of freeing them to worship and follow him.
The key verse for this week’s text is verse 2, where Moses says, “The Lord is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.” When people have hope and joy, they have a song in their heart. God wants to be the song bubbling up in each of our hearts, as we see his concern, love, and power to bring us salvation through Christ. What is the song in your heart these days? Do you have worship in your heart for God over what he has done for you in Christ? Do you have joy in the Spirit?

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