New Wellspring Encounter Group Video Resource!

Online Christian Streaming Video Resource for Encounter Groups & Families!: “RightNow Media"
To all who consider Wellspring home, we are so excited to offer a new online video resource called RightNow Media. RightNow Media is a streaming platform like Netflix full of Bible curriculum and video that can be accessed on any TV or device. If you consider Wellspring home, we are offering a $5 per adult sign up for the year. We are offering RightNow Media especially for our Encounter Groups. We want to provide the best curriculum possible for every Encounter Group.

To Register and Start Streaming
In order to get everyone signed up for this great tool, we need you to allow Rightnow Media to contact you using your email as a personal login. Once you give permission through the link below, you will receive an email from RightNow on July 28. There is no upfront cost but to help subsidize the cost of this platform, we will be asking for a $5 per adult donation in September. For now, please register by clicking the link below and begin enjoying this great resource.