Bill andrews

Director of facilities & congregational care 

905-637-1570 ext. 31

my story...

I believe that God has a unique plan for each person and that he is working in every circumstance that we will ever encounter.  At about 8 years of age, while growing up in Niagara Falls, my father took me and my sister to church where we heard of Jesus and many bible stories, which brought us to believe and to trust Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  After schooling, I met my wife Mary at the Niagara Falls C&MA church and we married shortly thereafter. We have two grown children.  I retired after 34 years of serving Canada Post as a manager. Our lives have been so blessed by God during our journey and it never will end. After retiring God has provided many opportunity’s to serve in caring and serving others through mission trips, relationships, and in every day practical ways.  My aim is to help others in a meaningful way for as long as God gives me the opportunities and strength.