In Matthew 28:19a Jesus says, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..."  This is what is commonly known as "The Great Commission" and has been largely interpreted as relating to global missions.  While, this it true on some levels, it is not the main point of what Jesus was trying to say.  

What Jesus was saying was that as you go about your everyday life, wherever you call home to make sure that you are involved in relationships where you are pouring into, guiding, praying for, and instructing others in their relationship of Jesus. This is at the heart of what "The Great Commission" is.

Here at Wellspring, we are very passionate about this mandate and calling that Jesus has given us as his followers and we eagerly embrace the call to Spiritual Mentorship. The main way that we have chosen to implement this call is through our Encounter Groups.  Each Encounter Group is led by one or two Spiritual Mentors who's only desire is to see each member fall more in love with Jesus, create a space where they can be known and belong, and equipped to accept the call of spiritual mentorship for themselves.  

If you are interested in becoming a Spiritual Mentor and leading an Encounter Group here at Wellspring, please follow the link below.