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Wellspring Kids COVID-19 Protocol

Wellspring Kids General Covid-19 Prevention Protocols

  • The Ontario Covid-19 School Screening will be done prior to arrival at church for Wellspring Kids participating in the program. Proof of screening will be required.

  • Registration will start at 9:40AM to allow families to have a staggered arrival time.

  • Temperature checks and screening will be done at the check in foyer to ensure all individuals coming in through the Wellspring Kids Zone (the whole lower level, including Family Space in the Youth Room) have been cleared and are healthy to enter the lower level. 

  • Washrooms and high touch surfaces will be sanitized after use. 

Infant- 4 year old Room Protocols

  • There will be 2 adults and 3 babies in the infant-2 year old room

  • There will be 2 adults and 4 toddlers/preschoolers in the 3 & 4 year old room

  • Items in the room have been spaced out to allow for physical distancing. 

  • We understand it will be difficult to keep the children away from each other but we are asking that our volunteers try their best to keep the children apart. 

  • We also are encouraging that 1 volunteer commits to watching the same 1-2 children for the duration of the program to limit contact. 

  • Please maintain a 2M distance when possible between you and the other volunteer in the room. 

  • Hand sanitizer is provided in the room for easy sanitization. 

  • Parents/Guardians are NOT ALLOWED IN THE ROOM. 

Sanitizing Toys/Objects 

  • There is a “sanitize” toy bin that is clearly labelled. If you see a child put a toy in their mouth, once they are finished playing with the toy, please put it in the bin for cleaning. Sanitizing wipes have been provided and are in the cupboard. 


  • If a child needs to eat or if their diaper needs to be changed, the Hall Monitor will get the parent from upstairs to come and take their child to the lower level washroom (for diaper changing) or Family Space (youth room) for feeding. 

  • There will be NO EATING in the room. Children are welcome to have a drink while in the room. 

  • Wellspring volunteers are welcome to have a drink by maintaining a 2M distance from the children/volunteers. Put mask on promptly once finished drinking. 

Jk to Gr. 5 Protocols

  • Children will be grouped by household, sitting on their own foam mat. 

  • Hands will be sanitized throughout the program.

  • Masks will be worn by children participating. 

  • All programming will happen in Fellowship Hall (large area in the lower level). 

  • High touch surfaces, objects, toys will be sanitized after use. 

  • There will be no eating allowed, unless a parent/guardian brings their child into the Family Space. Drinks will be allowed. 

Child/Volunteer Presenting Covid-19 Symptoms

If a child starts to present covid-19 symptoms (Click here to view Covid-19 symptoms) Please call the Hall Monitor to take the child to the isolation room (former nursery on the lower level). 

You can read through Wellspring’s Covid-19 Plan for Exposure by clicking here

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