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Connect Group Previews!

We are running two Connect Group Previews, open for 10 weeks to anyone who wants to join in community.

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Wellspring is launching two Connect Group Previews that will run for 10 weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, starting Sept. 20 & 21.

If you are not currently involved with a Connect Group, this is a great opportunity to get connected!

This groups will remain open during all 10 weeks - please sign up at any time if you'd like to join.


Leaders: Phil & Jacqueline Evenden

Wednesdays from 7-9pm at the Evendens' home, starting Sept. 21

Please note that this group is for adults only.


Leader: Rafael Avila

Tuesdays from 6:45-8:30pm at Wellspring, starting Sept. 20

Kids are welcome, and Wellspring's Jr. High program is available at the same time for Gr. 6-8.